Bindoon Primary School - Curriculum

Bindoon Primary School offers a depth of curriculum that caters for the varying ages, interests, and capabilities of all children from kindergarten to Year 6. 

The Western Australian Curriculum is the basis of all learning, while additional extension and support programs are provided where the learning focuses on individual needs.  Bindoon Primary School has adopted an explicit approach to teaching and learning in a balanced way so that creative and problem solving pursuits are also valued.  Over half of the school’s timetable is devoted to literacy and numeracy each week.


Each child participates in 4 x 100 minute literacy lessons each week.  In early childhood classrooms attention is given to learning phonics and phonological awareness. Warm Ups are a feature of all lessons where children commit essential knowledge to their long term memories.  Guided Reading or Cooperative Reading Simple as ABC are a part of literacy lessons, while the program STARS and CARS ensures children learn necessary comprehension skills.  Children also learn how to write a range of texts where teachers first model what is required.  The Sound Waves spelling program is used in all classrooms. We give extra support to some children by using Multi Lit.


Every class participates in 4 x 100 minutes of numeracy lessons each week.  A major component of each lesson is mental maths using Junior Elementary Mental Maths for up to Year 3 children; and the Elementary Mental Maths for children from Year 3 to Year 6.  Problem solving is the focus of the written maths program PR1ME, which aligns with the Singapore Mathematics curriculum.


Science began as a specialist area in 2014 and has proved very popular with students who look forward to science each week.  The lessons revolve around practical hands on experiments where students’ curiosity is honoured and they develop their own conclusions about the world.  The highly regarded Primary Connections program forms the foundation of the content that children learn.

Physical Education

All children participate in physical education each week in a variety of activities where they learn and extend their fundamental movement skills and participate in games.  After school sport is offered.  A lot of fun is had at the faction carnivals in athletics and swimming representing the factions of Cullalla, Mooliabeenie, Julimar and Chinkabee which are named after local areas.  Other children have the opportunity to represent Bindoon Primary School in interschool sports including cross country running swimming, athletics and winter sports.

The Arts

The arts in the school are highly valued by the local community, and are an opportunity for children to develop their creativity.   

The specialist visual arts program has been conducted since 2010 and all children display their art work in the bi-annual art exhibition which is held in the Bindoon Town Hall.  All children engage in music lessons and the school choir sings at various community events each year.  A musical dramatic production is held bi-annually and features the school’s budding actors and singers.

Social and Emotional

Social and emotional learning is an important part of the learning program.  All classes participate in the Promoting Alternative Thinking Skills (PAThS) which is appropriate for primary aged children.

This internationally acclaimed program facilitates the development of self-control, emotional awareness, and interpersonal problem-solving skills in children.  Our behaviour management attends to positive behaviour where children are acknowledged for doing the right thing and caring for each other.  Bindoon Primary School has the services of a school psychologist.

Student Leadership

Students from years 5 and 6 are elected by peers and staff to become Student Councillors,Faction Captains and Vice Captains.

In these roles students are expected to take on responsibilities,make decisions about the school, organise special days and represent the school in the community.   Camps for the Year 5 and 6 students are held regularly.  The School Chaplain conducts leadership camps for our student leaders.



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